Particular Specification

The Particular Specification for 5 disciplines have been published by HKIUS and UTI.  Companies can request for the package either by hand or postage.  If you are interested, please complete the reply slip on publications page and return to UTI either by fax at 2618 4500 or email to info@uti.hk

New version is updating and coming soon.  For further queries, please feel free to contact us either via email at info@uti.hk or tel: 26903899. 

(message on 31st Dec 2018)

Particular Specifications

Title of specifications



1. Particular Specification for Conduit Condition Evaluation (CCTV and Man Entry Survey

Edited in July 2006 (Current Edition June 2011)


2. Particular Specification for Manhole Internal Condition Survey (MHICS)

Edited in July 2006 (Current Edition June 2011)


3. Particular Specification for Water Leakage Detection Survey (WLD Survey)

Edited in July 2006 (Current Edition June 2011)


4. Particular Specification for Utility Mapping By Non-Destructive Methods

Edited in April 2007 (Current Edition June 2011)


5. Particular Specification for Buried Water Carrying Services Affecting Slopes

Current Edition June 2011


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