Message from the Executive Director


I welcome you to the website of Utility Training Institute (UTI)!  The primary vision of UTI is to provide high quality professional and supportive services to the utility profession.  As a leader of UTI, I seek to strengthen our society and help it be safe and prosperous by 4 main ways. First, we strive to provide professional trainings to practitioners so that they could maintain their professional knowledge and provide high quality services to clients.  Second, we seek to promote our profession by planning and organization of different kinds of events.  Third, we provide publication services to help the industry to standardize various kinds of code of practices or method statements, so that the knowledge of our profession could be enhanced. Fourth, we believe that connection with government and professional organizations would greatly help us to share ideas and learn the latest development of the whole industry. This website will show you on how we are achieving our vision and mission into realization by providing quality and comprehensive services that enrich lives and create a better society.



Ir Dr. King WONG

Executive Director

Utility Training Institute

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