Administrative Services

Besides event management service, UTI also provides associations/organizations with administration support service to assist different organizations to manage and promote themselves in the society. 


Scope of Service Package


a)     Secretariat Office

  • Provision of an admin officer to carry out the duties and handle all secretarial works. The Administrative Officer shall have adequate technical capabilities to independently carry out the tasks assigned by the organization. The average time required of this staff in performing the duties the Administrative Officer shall be not less than 50 hours per month.
  • Responsible for distribution of mail/correspondence and process all general correspondence.
  • Act as point of contact between the organization and its members.
  • Answer queries from external and members.
  • Inform Executive Committee Members of the organization of any queries from members.
  • Be conversant with the web-site of the organization.
  • Undertake administrative duties in relation to organization’s meetings, committee meetings, seminars, exhibitions, conferences and technical visits.
  • Any other duties as may reasonably be required from time to time from the organization.
  • Storage and maintenance of all association documents.
  • Assistance with legal and official matters e.g. auditing, annual returns, insurance.


b)     Membership

  • Maintain the membership system
  • Extract information from membership database as required
  • Registration of new members
  • Renewal of membership
  • Provide information to members
  • Compiling and producing the membership directory
  • Production of registration reports


c)     Event management

  • Provision of on-site staff in the organizations’ functions
  • Planning the organization's event schedule
  • Venue and associated facilities for holding organization meetings during the service period. The venue shall have a seating capacity of not less than 20 persons
  • Venue and associated facilities for holding a minimum of 6 seminars during the service period. The venue shall have a seating capacity of around 100 persons.


d)     Promotion of organization

  • Maintain contact with specific organizations in Hong Kong or overseas to help promoting the organization and attract more people to join.
  • Production of organization’s promotional pamphlet

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