UTI Points

UTI Points for CPD

1 CPD Hour = 1 UTI Point, this is a new way to reward your encouragement in enriching your knowledge in UTI. Now, you can earn UTI points by lots of the methods and it can be accumulated and exchanged for fabulous UTI discount coupons and gifts. Your UTI Points record could be easily check in your UTI membership account though internet. Remember, every CPD Hour counts in UTI membership!

Accumulation Methods:

UTI PointsMethods
0.1 First login to www.uti.hk every day
1 1 CPD Hour


Join us right now! Additional 1 point will be offered to new members by taking few minutes for free registration.

If there are any enquiries, please contact us at 2690 3899 or e-mail to info@uti.hk. You are also welcome to visit http://www.uti.hk for more exchange details. 

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