Project Forms for Utility

HKIUS Project Standard Forms (For Utility)

Form List of Form Version Last Updated
AT-01 Air Test Record Sheet 1 Jun-2011
IMS O. 6-15 Daily Report 1 Jun-2011
IMS O.6-12b PQP(Project Quality Plan) 1 Jun-2011
P01 Permit to Work Certificate 1 Jun-2011
PC01 CCTV Daily Record Form 1 Jun-2011
PC02 CCTV / Man-Entry Survey Site Coding Form 1 Jun-2011
PC03 CCTV Quality Audit Form 1 Jun-2011
PC04 CCTV Survey Form A 1 Jun-2011
PC05 CCTV Survey Form B 1 Jun-2011
PC06 CCTV Survey Form C 1 Jun-2011
PC07 CCTV Survey Form D 1 Jun-2011
PD01 Water Sampling Form (Dye Test) 1 Jun-2011
PG01 GPR Sketch & Record Form 1 Jun-2011
PM01 Manhole Daily Record Form 1 Jun-2011
PM02 IDMS Manhole Record Form 1 Jun-2011
PP01 Pipe Cleaning Daily Record Form 1 Jun-2011
PT01 Tree Booking Form 1 Jun-2011
PT02 Survey Traverse Form 1 Jun-2011
PT03 Survey LevelingForm 1 Jun-2011
PT04 Detail Survey Booking Form 1 Jun-2011
PT05 Trial Hole Record Sheet 1 Jun-2011
PT06 Topo Form 1 Jun-2011
PU01 Form A - Report of CP of Electricity Supply Lines 1 Jun-2011
PU02 Form B - UT Mapping Form 1 Jun-2011
PU03 Form C - Utility Site Sketch Form 1 Jun-2011
PU04 Reporting Work Handover Form 1 Jun-2011
PW01 WLD LNC Form 1 Jun-2011
PW03 Meter Reading Record Sheet (Datalogger) 1 Jun-2011


The standardized HKIUS Project Forms of 5 disciplines have been published by HKIUS and UTI.  Companies can request for the package either by hand or postage.  If you are interested, please complete the reply slip on publications page and return to UTI either by fax at 2618 4500 or email to

For enquiry, please feel free to call us at 2690 3899.