Training Venues

UTI has our own training venues to conduct various kinds of training courses. The training venues are located in Favor Industrial Centre of Kwai Chung.  The facilities our training venues provided include overhead projector, internet, public address system and micorphones. How to get there

In order to provide practical training field for our course participants, UTI has jointly developed The Utility Specialists’ Resource, Training and Technical Assessment Centre (USRC) with Hong Kong Institutute of Utility Specialists and Hong Kong Utility Research Centre, which was opened on 20 June 2009.

The platform provides proper maintenance of utility resources, regular professional training and assessment for utility practitioners. Meanwhile, field demonstration could be carried out such as ID-Marker application, flow survey, manhole internal condition survey, CCTV survey and utility survey.Besides, a library was also established which allows our practitioners to gain latest knowledge and exchange ideas.

Besides, a well-developed centre "Construction Professionals' Development Centre" (CPDC) is also opened on 2 March 2010 next to USRC in Kwai Chung. The centre provides a platform for the future growth and enhance professionalism of the construction and engineering professionals. It is opend for professional organizations to organize trainings and events. CPDC Centre Reservation Details

Apart from our own training venues, UTI is also approved to use the Training Room of Social Resources Development Institute (SRDI) located in Houston Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui.

If any organizations would like to rent the training venues, please contact us at 2690 3899 or by email

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Training Room of USRC

Technical assessment platform of USRC

Launch of CPDC on 2 March 2010

Classroom setting of CPDC