UTI provides publication services to standardize the Code of Practices or Method Statements for utility practitioners or researchers to gain adequate knowledge to help promoting the advancement of utility profession. Hong Kong Conduit Condition Evaluation Code is the latest release of publication by UTI, which brings together the collective knowledge and experiences of the industry on the non-destructive assessment of the internal condition of sewers and drains by closed circuit television (CCTV) and visual inspection.


Whole pack contains :

A)    Printed Book (217 pages) + 1 Media DVD

  1. Introduction and requirements of Conduit Condition Evaluation

  2. Inspection of sewers / drains

  3. Filling the standard coding form

  4. Observation details

  5. Codes for structural integrity of sewers / drains

  6. Codes for service defects in sewers

  7. Codes for construction defects and features in sewers / drains

  8. Codes associated with repair

  9. Node type

  10. Miscellaneous codes

  11. Continuous defects in sewers / drains

  12. Appendix A to J


Content of Media DVD 

  • Samples forms

  • Sample photos

  • Sample manhole cards

  • Sample drawings

  • Sample videos

  • Sample report

  • HKIUS CCTV Survey Specifications

  • HKIUS Manhole Survey Specifications

  • CCTV Survey Training Certificate Sample


B)     Reference Kit (8 pages + 1 drawing)

  • IDMS Generated Drawing (1 page)

  • Quick Reference for Service & Structural Codes (4 pages) 

  • Summary of Conduit Condition Inspection Codes (4 pages)


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Hong Kong Conduit Condition Evaluation Codes 2009 (4th Edition)