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March 29, 2020


鑑於新型冠狀病毒輸入個案於皆有增長,為保障學生安全,本學院早於3月中旬暫停所有面授課堂(包括:綠咭、密閉咭等安全訓練課程) ,直至另行通知。

各學員可以到http://www.uti.hk/learning/page-1/ 的網上學習平台繼續進修,兼賺取CPD。


In view of the increasing number of coronavirus infections, UTI suspended all face-to-face courses (including green cards, confined space cards and other safety training courses) as early as mid-March to protect the health of students. The suspension will continue until further notice.

Students can visit our online learning platform to continue studies and earn CPD at http://www.uti.hk/learning/page-1/.